Proud of italian weaving

Our history, since six generations

For the last six generation Telerie Gloria has been a textiles manufacturer for Hotels, Restaurants, Industrial Laundries and Nursing Homes, combining passion and creativity to realize products showing brand-new patterns specifically conceived to meet any market requirements, always aware of the innate value stemming from the quality offered.
The company production core is built around looms with “Jacquards” able to ensure a complete product offer for table clothing, bed and bath rooms. The manufacturing process is then completed with textiles warping, yarns dyeing and hem finishing departments, leveraging the best and most specialized competencies.
Together with the manufacturing capabilities, Telerie Gloria makes available a set of value adding services, like “products on-stock management” for a wide portfolio of items, with the self confidence of 48 hours maximum delivery time, and “production continuity”, ensuring the possibility to manufacture any kind of product patterns even if supplied in the very past.